Sunday, December 08, 2019

#Advent Word Day 8: #worthy

Our culture tends to equate worth with the outward trappings of some kind of success - net worth, doing "worthwhile" activities, over the realization that we are all, by our very being, beloved of God and therefore have worth. As humans,we tend to want to know where we stand in relation to others. Again, those external meansures of "worth" are one of the ways we line ourselves up against one another. "I'm better at..." "I have more/better..."of "I'm NOT...." For Jesus, every person mattered, he was as willing to attend to, to heal, to feed the ones who were seen as the least in value. How do we let go of this. both in ouselves and the way we look at others? How do we allow deep into our souls and psyches this sure sense of the value of every single person? #adventword

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