Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Five: If it Ain't Broke....

Martha is bemoaning the loss of a favorite app format in the new iOS 7 update, and asks, in this F5 a reflection on things that need no improvement. This little reflection comes at a good time.  I have already been in one of those spaces where life puts your sometimes. You know, where things happen that make you stop and take a deep breath? A little stunned by the absolute fragility of it all, by just how quickly it all can turn, by how good my life is, by how little I take time to notice and be grateful...yeah all that this week.

So, what needs no fixing?
My beloved husband and all that comes with the gift of the marriage I never dare dream of, and was and is pure gift and blessing. Every day.

A career that feeds me. Yes I grouse about it. The execution in the current job is not perfect. What is? But I get to do something vocationally that matters, that I seem to be good at and that offers us enough income that Rick can go to school to create a future that he, too, will enjoy.

My sweet new car. No fixes for a LOOONG time!

Praise God, I seem to not need fixing, physically at this time.

Really, when I stop and think about it....there is nothing, right here, right now in my life that is broke that needs fixing. So perhaps I ought to get my attention back on the broken places elsewhere, where I might be of some use.