Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Instructive Din of My Quiet Mind

What is it about lying on a yoga mat and being told to "quiet your mind" that makes mine do anything but?!? I have been going to a lovely restorative yoga class on Sunday afternoons that really consists of nothing much more than assembling oneself in a supported pose and just hanging out for about fifteen minutes doing, at least theoretically, nothing but allowing the ground and the props to hold and support the body while the mind becomes more and more quiet. Mmmm-hmmmm. Let's see, on today's menu we had everything from earworm fragments of several different songs - a little Queen, a couple hymns and a few bars of Kenny G that drifted up from an MPR story I heard about him the other day, I think - the usual distraction of the "what I have to do after class" and the thing that seems to drift in mostly these days when my mind has nothing better to do, my "big questions" about the alignment of my life, work, vocation and all that jazz.

I avoided yoga for a good stretch of time. Avoiding all that quiet space for all that head noise that tells me how much I am not paying attention to how much I need to pay attention. But it's due and overdue. Just like the writing and the singing....all leading back to something (someone?) I'm missing.

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Terri said...

I hear you. I try to practice yoga a minimum of three times a week, and often four or five times (because the yoga studio is VERY close and offers many classes throughout the day and an unlimited monthly class rate that is affordable for me). I also aim to meditate 30 minutes a day.

It's a discipline to just keep going through the head noise. That and not paying it too much attention. OR recognizing the Spirit is speaking to you through that particular time and head noise that appears. I suspect yours will lead you to some "insight" that will be fruitful for this time and place in your life.

I'm glad you're blogging again and listening through your yoga class.