Thursday, May 10, 2007

Good intentions

If I were still into shame in a big way, I'd be hanging my head as I look at the date of my first (and only) post! It was a well-intentioned burst of enthusiasm, and I, recall in a relatively slower moment. Then the pace picked up in the formation process and this got on the back burner. Those who know me well tell me I tend to take on too much. They have various theories about why. I tend to agree with them on the fact that I do so and on many of the motivations.....though I want to engage those that have to do with being "passionate about many things" much more than I do those who wonder what I might avoiding something by staying busy.

So why blog now? Life certainly has not slowed down. Quite the contrary! Perhaps it's still because there is in me thought seeking voice and voice seeking listeners, conversation and engagement. I read bloggers and love them for the freshness and challenge and humanity they bring. I guess I want to be in the circle in a more active way. So here goes. With intentionality for regularity of some decent sort!

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Tandaina said...

Exactly why I blog as well. Heaven knows I don't have "time" for it but I make the time because its something I need to do. Maybe once I get to seminary, or once I get out into ministry that won't be true but right now its as much something I have to do as this call is. Keep it up!