Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Catchup Post

I haven't had much to say this week it seems. It's not that there is nothing going on. There is always something going on. I've had a cold for what seems like forever and as a result my head feels like it's full of sawdust and cotton wool. That makes me feel less than articulate sometimes. It also makes me feel tired. Some of the time when I would normally be blogging, I have simply been sleeping.

I've also been having computer woes. About three months ago I had to have the plug-in whatsy welded on my lap-top as it was wobbling and not making contact properly. It's doing it again. The choice is to fix it again or get a new laptop. I'm thinking the latter as this one's almost seven years old, and they tell me that's like a hundred in computer years! My computer guy tells me that this wobbliness could at any point burn out my whole motherboard....eeeps. And I can't budget in a new computer til September. So the solution has been to bed down the laptop on the desk and Not. Move. It. in the hopes that I can gentle it along until I can get a new one. This too impacts my blogging behavior as I would often tuck myself up in bed at night all cozy and read blogs and comment until I got sleepy. Sitting at my desk is just not the same, so I find I'm not spending as much time with you all. Drat!

Life has also been having its fits and starts. L is having a rough time. The baby momma has been in town with the little guy D. That was good news last week when she was all sugar and charm. Today she has turned on L and is refusing all calls and contact, back to her previous games, I fear. He is devastated. He does not do devastated well. He no longer has the structure or support of CH to fall back on, he's not working, his roommate has not turned out to be a stabilizing influence. He's been hanging out with some folks from his past that are worrisome, not keeping appointments, and making some of those fatalistic statements again that scare me so. It's one day at a time, sometimes not even that.

XDO had a trip to the hospital for the depression that is an ongoing issue. I ended up being the transportation. It could have been weird, but it ended up being a gift. Sometimes we really do end up being exactly where we need to be. And sometimes we have grace enough to act how we ought to act, too! We ended up having a very amazing conversation in the car on the way to the hospital (which is an hour and a half away) about Jesus and forgiveness. I don't know, it just happened. Or not. But it was good.

And then there is my own stressor that is just kind of hanging around. Most of the time I manage not to think about it, except for the middle of the night and first thing in the morning and at random times during the day...and then I have to simply push it away because nothing can be done now except turn it over to God and trust that all will be well.

I've been going out to play as often as I can....geocaching with Soul Sister S and now with C. We have dubbed ourselves the Geo Trio. We have been out twice and have a pretty good time. I have something like ten caches found now and no broken bones yet. We have sent off a Travel bug and I found a GeoCoin! It's all good. They think I'm a little crazy because I get one coordinate and want to just plunge into the brush towards the other one, but hey, it worked last time, didn't it? I see that Speaking of Faith on MPR is doing a show on the importance of play on Sunday...I have to remember to podcast that one!

The other thing I'm doing is painting, though I seem to have stalled with the room 3/4 done. Soul Sister C helped pick the colors and they are luscious. Pictures to come when I'm done.
So there's the catchup post from my world. Life keeps on turning. Grace, even in the midst, does abound.


Songbird said...

The geocaching sounds like great fun!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Continued prayers for L.

I'm glad you had a good conversation with XDO.

And I'm glad you're continuing to play. I'm taking some play time this week as I badly needed it and it had been too long. It's amazing how it can rejuvenate--by why should it be amazing, I ask as I type. The very word rejuvenate means to make young again.

Enough of my blathering. Blessings on you.

mompriest said...

Life...prayers continue for you and L...

Jan said...


Anonymous said...

continuing prayers for you, for L, and for XDO.

trent_gilliss said...

If you get a chance, we'd love to hear your comments on the show. It's one of my favorites because the ideas apply to so many facets of everyday life.

tg, online editor for speaking of faith

Mary Beth said...

Wonderfulness. Thanks for the update!

revabi said...

Thinking of you with all you got going on. I haven't had a chance to go Geocaching yet in my new town. Maybe I should.
Take care, be blessed.