Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another Saturday in God's Country

It strikes me how little I've written lately, here or elsewhere. Sermons, a couple Friday fives, a few reports for work. It's feeling a little dry and of the "on-demand" kind of thing. I just popped into the office for a few minutes this morning. It wasn't on the agenda. Gazpacho was on the agenda. I'm taking that out to Soul Sister C's farm later today. We're having a going away party for SS A who is moving South. Way South. Yes the SS's are losing one of us, at least in the flesh. It's sad and hard and we are working madly to figure out how to use webcams and IMs to keep our little "SSBS" group intact and functioning. We know this move is good for A and her hubby. He has a fabulous new job that seems as if it were tailored just for him. She will have more opportunities for satisfying work in her field, too. And they will be a mere drive away from the beauteous granddaughter, instead of hours by plane. But we grieve this loss of her in our midst. So today we will eat and kayak and paint and laugh and do all the things that make us the Soul Sisters. Oh and cry of course, as we say "we will see you soon....when you visit, or we do." We are planning trips already. C's hub wants to see a football game in A's territory and we all say, "Road trip! Why not?" And we've committed to a once a year retreat together. We know that next May will find us gathering for a few days of fun and merriment for sure! But the reality is that long distance things are hard, we all know it and feel it. So the Soul Sisters are a little sad today.

I'm at the office because I had to find "something to do" at the little emergent-y church thing R and I are involved in. It is struggling right now. The "designated leader" who was very passionate, committed and charismatic has moved away and there is a definite leadership void. We are trying leadership by group but it's faltering on takeoff as the group dynamics are a little wobbly. We care about it enough to do a little rescue breathing but not to drown ourselves trying to save it....and sometimes that is a fine line. There are a couple more leader folks who feel the same way, and others who just seem to come along each week and see what transpires. In other as usual! I have one church I am responsible for. I don't need or want two. But this place does meet a need for some folks so I hate to just walk away and let it die. So, given that this particular week, R and I know that if we don't step up...there will be nothing in the way of structure....I'm here on Saturday morning throwing together a little something. Fortunately, it is that! A reading, a few questions to spark discussion, a couple songs for the CD player....and the rest flies by the seat. Tonight R will make some hotdish and we will review what I've thrown together and we will be good to go. If only liturgy planning were always this simple!

My sermon for my own place has been done since Wednesday. This is week four of four and I'm feeling it. Fortunately RevC is recovered and we are back in our rotation again, so I'm not on again for a few weeks. As much as I enjoy celebrating and preaching, doing it every week with a forty hour day job gets a little stretchy! My sermons have been of the "ok" variety. I thought last week's might have needed a leash and collar but my trusted feedback said no, it was decent on delivery. HS all the way! I feel a little "meh" about this week as well. I seem to keep saying the same thing. And not that it's a bad thing to say. "God loves you beyond belief...Jesus is the great both/and...coming into history to show us who God is and who we can be....go and love one another and be the bringers of the kingdom." Said several different ways using whatever is at hand....pretty much the Good News of the week lately.

So it's good to be going off to a day at the farm and the lake. I get to try kayaking for the first time. That should be good for some laughs. SS A promises to take pictures, especially of any compromising positions I end up in. She feels she owes me for some reason. It could be the fact that I took some of her trying some "things" on at the Great Bridesmaid Dress Buying Event. I am looking forward to sun and water and love and laughter with my sisters and then coming home to an evening with my sweet guy. We may actually make it to the hot tub tonight if weather and schedules and timing permit!

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mompriest said...

As one who moved away from her sister group I really understand the emotions around this move...