Friday, July 24, 2009

"Friday Five at the Perfect Church"

Singing Owl says: "Please pardon me for talking about church in the summer when many of you may be on vacation. However, the church we are talking about today is the one you dream of. I've been thinking about this because I miss pastoring and preaching, because I am sending in resumes, and because...well...jut because. So have some fun with this. Tell us five things that the perfect church would have, be, do...whatever.We can dream, right?"

In the perfect church:
  • We could all get in (Handicap accessibility which we don't have right now)
  • We would would all get out and do (or realize as many are already doing) God's work in the many places our lives take us and not be confined to thinking that "church" only happens in that cute little building on the corner on Sundays.
  • We would talk directly to (not about) each other.
  • We would talk directly about our relationship with God and Jesus Christ. (Gasp! We are Episcopalians after all)
  • We would give thanks for God's amazing grace and abundance in our lives here and now, be a less worried about perfection and and go be the church.


mompriest said...

It is tiresome that a number of folks just come to church to come, they want that "nice" worship experience and then they want to go home, virtually unchanged. your list.

SingingOwl said...

"We would talk directly to (not about) each other."


Yes indeedy!