Monday, August 17, 2009

Deja vu All Over Again

So I saw him...back in that same ugly orange and brown visiting room where our relationship began. He is, as expected, distraught and frantic. "I forgot, I just forgot. I remembered one day, and the next I was going to and then I forgot again, and then I thought I already had, or I wasn't sure and then I forgot." Yes this is how his brain works. He was in tears for the hour I was there. He doesn't get why his family is harassing D, he's upset that she felt she had to go back home, but he understands her need to feel safe. He says they were starting to talk about a future together. So we prayed he and I...for his strength and courage, for him to stay focused and out of trouble in jail. We talked, too. About that relationship with D. I told him that after this is all said and done that can still come to be....I wanted so badly to give him something to hold on to in this dark time, a vision of a better and, my endlessly hopeful self believes, still-possible future. I reminded him that he is not alone in this, that he is beloved of God and of a human community who cares for and prays for him and will do whatever is possible to help him and D in this difficult time. And I reminded him of my lady pastor "peeps" and told him I had already asked them to pray too.

His hearing is tomorrow morning at 8:30. His therapist is talking to his social worker. I'm calling her too. Other than that....all we can do is pray.


Rev SS said...

So sad! Sending hugs to both of you.

imngrace said...

Praying from here.

zorra said...

Sorry to be coming late to this, but praying too.