Friday, September 04, 2009

Recharged/ recharging Friday Five

Sally says: "A few weeks ago my lap-top battery died, suddenly I found myself looking at a blank screen and was rather relieved to find that it was only the battery and not the whole computer that had failed. This morning a new battery arrived in the post, and suddenly I am mobile again!After a week with what feels like wall to wall meetings, and Synod looming on the horizon for tomorrow I find myself pondering my own need to recharge my batteries. This afternoon Tim and I are setting off to explore the countryside around our new home, I always find that walking in the fresh air away from phones and e-mails recharges me. But that is not the only thing that restores my soul, so do some people, books, pieces of music etc....So I wonder what/ who gives you energy?"

1. Is there a person who encourages and uplifts you, whose company you seek when you are feeling low? There are person(s) plural, I am blessed that way. First of course is my wonderful R, husband to be, best friend, playmate, nurturer, travel buddy, fellow adventurer and asker of great questions. Then would be soul sisters C, CMR, A and S, all of whom love, nurture, and get me through times good and bad.
2. How about a piece of music that either invigorates or relaxes you? I could never pick ONE! There is Bach, there is rock, there is most of the 1982 Hymnal. But right now on the top of the play list there is Jimmy Buffett, whom we saw last weekend in live dripping concert. I find myself humming "Changes in Attitude," and "Growing Older but Not Up" as I go through my day, and I relive moments of that fun event.

3. Which book of the Bible do you most readily turn to for refreshment and encouragement? Is there a particular story that brings you hope? John, Psalms, Isaiah, Jeremiah 29:11-13 (my ordination verse that seems to just "turn up" at the most interesting times.
4. A bracing walk or a cosy fireside? Yes
5. Are you feeling refreshed and restored at the moment or in need of recharging, write a prayer or a prayer request to finish this weeks Friday Five....I am seriously in need of a recharge and a good thing it's Friday, I'm thinkin'.....I have a long weekend with nothing really in prayer is that I will use it well and allow myself to rest rather than simply flog myself to work to distraction the whole time. I also ask prayers for L. His hearing is Tuesday to determine if he will go to prison for five years or not.


Diana said...

Of course, Jimmy Buffett! Fabulous.
-Mrs. M

imngrace said...

Love that Buffet guy, too! Prayers continue for L. May it be a day of hope on Tuesday.

Mompriest said...

hey Kate - good to have you back on the blogosphere...!