Monday, March 01, 2010

Best Laid Plans

Well we know about them don't we? Saturday's changed to include a visit to R's Dad. The good news was that I got to meet a couple more nieces, and it was a much nicer day for the hour drive than the last time we made it with blowing snow and finger drifts on the highway. The bad news of course is that Dad is continuing to not do so well, and that is hard to see. By the time we got back neither of us felt much like zany comedy so we decided to skip the play. It was a take and bake pizza and fall asleep in front of the Olympics night instead.

Sunday went a little more according to plan. The sermon did take Spirit wings and manage to fly. Always a grateful moment when that happens. Our discernment meeting went off well, too. Two more people will enter into formation to become part of our ministry team, one for youth work and the other to work with young adults with the idea that he may have a call to the diaconate. R and I did get to meet with the organist to pick our wedding music, so that is one more thing to check of that list. After church I finished off the invitations and they will go in the mail today. Check, check, they go, those things on that list! We spent time on line last night looking for a bagpiper. It is one of my fondest wishes to have one playing us out after the ceremony...and it turns out that our little corner of the world is short on them! They apparently congregate in big cities, too. We may have a lead from a pipe and drum corps over in SD (2 hours away) we will see. I may have to forgo this little wish...sigh. But everything else is moving along. R's job today is to rattle the cage of the DJ...we still haven't heard from him about a time to meet. Mine is to mail the invites. Tomorrow I'm going to talk to the florist. Check, check, check. My goal is that pretty much everything is done a month ahead so I can stop worrying and enjoy the last month in peace (or so I say). We shall see!

For now, it's back to work and winter and Lent. Life where it is lived every day, plans made and kept and plans gone astray. Off to them.

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Mompriest said...

ohhh, I understand much about best laid plans gone astray...a mind of their own, they have....sigh

I remember planning my wedding, and all the things we wanted, some of which had to be let go of. Still, in the end, all went well and those things we let go of are barely a thought amongst all the other things that we did do and the fun we had. Will be 25 years ago, this August. hard. to. believe.

Hope your plans go well enough and that you can rest before the big day...!