Friday, March 12, 2010

"Friday Five: Spiritual or Religious?"

Mompriest says: "Yesterday I attended a led conference by Diana Butler Bass. She is presenting new ideas on the state of the church and why there is hope for Christianity. One of her premises is a Newsweek/Washington Post poll from 2005 that states that 55% of the people in this country describe themselves as religious AND spiritual.Without going into detail about her understandings of religious and spiritual (you may want to attend one of her conferences, if you can) share with us five thoughts ideas or practices that you consider to be "religious." Then share with us five thoughts, ideas, or practices that you consider to be "spiritual." For example one thought about religion might be that it is "salvation" Or an idea about religion might be that it it is an "institution" and a religious practice might be "going to church." An example of spiritual thought might be a phrase from a poem, a spiritual idea might be the inspiration for a piece of art and a spiritual practice might be meditation. So, five thoughts, ideas, or practices that are religious....and then five thoughts, ideas or practices that are spiritual. OR are they the same thing to you?"

Five religious thoughts, ideas, or practices
  • God
  • Sin
  • Ritual
  • Heaven/Hell
  • Church
Five spiritual thoughts, ideas or practices
  • God
  • Compassion
  • Relationship
  • Love
  • Grace

I just did a very quick "stream of consciousness" thing here. I am not at all sure that ten minutes from now I would have the same exact answers, though I think they would be close. Spiritual is bigger, broader, wider and deeper. Religion, to me, seems to be what we as humans try to do to contain the numinous. Although I do think it's a good sign that God made it to the top of both lists.


altar ego said...

I like your list and your illuminating paragraph. And I think you're absolutely right.

Mompriest said...

Thanks, Kate for sharing. There is no right answer, of course!

Mavis said...

Your stream of consciousness resonates with mine I think ...