Friday, December 30, 2011

Nealy New Year Friday Five

Sally says: "A simple Friday Five for a busy part of the year; indulge me by sharing two fives:  As you look back over 2011 share 5 blessings, they can be as grand or as simple as you like,if you year has been like mine they are probably a mixture! As you look towards 2012 share 5 hopes- again, anything goes! Pictures and songs welcome."

Blessings of 2011
  • As always, my sweet husband heads the list of my blessings.  In this stressful year of change and transition, I have appreciated more than ever his wisdom and good sense as well as the certainty of knowing, no matter what, he has my back.
  • The ordination of Amy Peden Haynie to the priesthood.  At long last the fullness of her gifts and ministry can be realized.  Thanks be to God!
  • Once again having a home base for my own ministry.  It feels really good and right to be assisting priest with this lovely and welcoming congregation and to know that I will celebrate the Eucharist and preach again regularly.
  • Feeling pretty secure financially is a HUGE blessing in these difficult times.  With our move, we both changed jobs this year and feel fortunate about being able to do that in a tough market.
  • This one is under the category of mixed blessings....I was able to start and experience both the great joys and the huge stressors of CPE.  Due to a variety of circumstances, I made the difficult decision not to complete the unit at this time.  But those few months had an impact that I will not soon forget. 
Hopes for 2012
I am hoping
  •  to grow and expand my ministry with my new congregation, to come to know and love the people there and be a contributing member of the clergy team.
  • that some (or all, if I think big) of the plans that are afoot for both R and I career wise will be successful and satisfying for us.
  • to  be more consistent with my self-care so that I can meet my health and fitness goals (and get back into my smaller pants!)
  • that we can sell our house in Little Town on the Prairie.  We are grateful to have renters, but it would be such a relief to have it sold.
  • to continue to maintain strong connections (both virtually and IRL) with friends near and far


Celeste said...

Looking forward to talking for real at the end of the month!

Sally said...

great lists, our hopes on self care are similar!

Terri said...

such big changes for you, good ones, it seems! I agree, the ordination of Amy is a delightful!