Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lent Day 34

I had a lot of good intentions today about getting many things accomplished. I really wanted to get most of the big writing things I have to do checked off the list, so I could go into Holy Week feeling freed up to focus, to be present. I didn't quite make it. I got my reflection written and ready to send off for the Feminist blog, I thought about my Easter sermon and did some reading. I had a lovely walk at the state park with C, went out to dinner with Dear One , and spent a bit more time than I probably should have reading e-mails from RevGals about the BE. So, for anyone who is keeping track, yes that does leave more undone than done. And given that it's the week it is...uh-oh.

But on another topic entirely, on the gratitudes and God-sightings front these days....I get to finally spend some time with L tomorrow. And I get to meet his mom! He needed a ride for a visit home and I told him I'd take him if he would introduce he agreed. I want to meet this woman very much, to get a sense of who she is. I also want her to meet me, to know who this person is who cares so much for her son. I hope we can join together in our mutual care of L, be allies in our hopes for a good future for him. He seems to be doing well these days. He is liking his job at the sub shop, and they are happy with him. He is now thinking he may stay in town once he leaves CH, rather than move back to the town where his mom lives, or out by his brother. It seems a good plan.

I'm also feeling grateful for the "fit" that I felt yesterday on meeting LF, the person who is going to be my guide in helping me sort out some of the things that are complxifying my life. Given that these connections are by nature always at least a little bit random, I definitely feel the hand of God in this. She really seems to "get" why I am struggling where I am struggling and found the nature of my quest for authenticity to be both developmentally and spiritually appropriate. And in her other life she is a church organist! How cool is that! God is so good!

So there is still a lot of writing to be writ...and it will have to stay so, because it is not happening any more in this day. Perhaps tomorrow after narrating the Passion and singing in the choir, coordinating the MDG Soup and Story and ferrying L out to his mom's and back....perhaps then there will be a sermon or another piece of writing done....or perhaps there will be a nap taken! Perhaps on Monday after the day job and the MDG meeting, or.....well perhaps it's best not to think so far ahead.


Rev SS said...

Glad to read the update on L ... and on you ... blessed Holy Week to you!

Gannet Girl said...

Such a full and rich life you have. I am so glad you got to meet his mother.