Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Blog Award

Ruth has generously gifted me with this award for my blogging efforts durung my life changes over the last months. Thanks Ruth! I in turn would like to pass this on to some of the folks whose blogs I have been loving a lot lately. These would inlcude:

Diane at Faith in Community ...who makes me think and wonder and often laugh and sometimes cry.

Eliza at Praying (a) Way who is in so many processes at once she amazes me and is managing to do them all with grace and integrity and to write about them very articulately and honestly

Imingrace at God-incidences who is writing with great honesty about the adjustments to life as a first call pastor in a small towm.

The recently rechristened Josephine at Left Turn at Joy who used to write as Tandaina at Snow on Roses and who now is sharing her new life as a seminarian with great eloquence.

I love these blogs and commend them and their writers to you if you are not familiar with them. Go. Read. Please and Thank you.


imngrace said...

*blushing* why, thank you...very much. I love your blog, too.

Anonymous said...

thank you, kate. you're very sweet. Ditto what imngrace said, love your blog!

Josephine- said...

Thank you Kate! Somehow I missed this. :)