Monday, December 21, 2009

And a 1 and a 2 and a 3....Ho Ho Ho!

Hard to believe, but we're into the final week. And I have achieved the third Ho in the Christmas joy meter. I think it's having things done for the week to come...the sermons are writ, the plans are made, the packages are wrapped and tucked under the tree...and I can just finish out the work week and enjoy myself for the most part. There was a brief blip a couple days ago when I realized that there was another Sunday left in December after Christmas....and that it was mine. But that sermon too is now done, and all is well. I finished the last of the shopping this weekend, and R and I did cards last night together. We wanted to use the "Christmas letter" opportunity as a save the date for his family, so he wrote a funny one to them including the "big news" for those who didn't yet know. Sitting there with my little angel tree sparkling away, carols playing, laughing with him as I messed up addressing yet another envelope....I had such a sense of feeling that this was all exactly right.

Today's Blessing Bag question was "What is one your favorite Christmas traditions?" We talked about lots of them in the Friday Five last week, but one I didn't mention there that came to mind as was out on my quest this weekend was "the ornament." When I have been with someone, I have always tried to find a special ornament for them each Christmas. This was very challenging this year. I am still not entirely satisfied with what I ended up with. I knew what I wanted and it just was not to be had in this town. I had to settle for something a little more traditional. But I know that in the end R will know that it's all about how much I love him (even if it is a little on the mushy side) and he'll roll with it.

The day job tasks on to it.....Happy Monday.


Mompriest said...

Hope the week is calm, special, delightful.

zorra said...

Sending you virtual hugs! Sounds like you and R will have a very merry Christmas.