Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Five: Soon and Very Soon

Sophia says: "It's the last week of the semester here so I offer another very simple Friday Five in honor of the past, present, and eschatological dimensions of this powerful season of the church year."

Please share five ways that God has come to you (your family or friends, your church or workplace, our world) in the past year, that God is coming to you right now, and/or that you are longing and looking for God to come.
  • God comes in love. In the last year for me of course that has been most obviously and tangibly present in the love of my sweet and wonderful R. Even though it embarrasses him completely when I say this, I feel that understand how God loves me ever so much better since I met him. He finds me wholly acceptable, he has my back, he rejoices in my joys and aches along with me in my hurts. I had before a kind of intellectual understanding of "this is how it must be to be beloved." Now I know.
  • God comes in love again. R of course is not the only place I find the love of God made manifest in the people around me. The love of friends always sustains me. I have been so fortunate in having people to sustain me in times good and bad. Through this whole long year plus of the falling shoes there has been the support of my Soul Sisters, my anam cara C, the blog friends met and unmet, my priest friends M and C from my team here. Literally everywhere I turn....there God is in the face of someone.
  • My wing. I wrote about "my wing" a lot last year as the way I experienced God's presence...tucked under all warm and safe and secure, like a mother hen and her chick. This year for a while I've not been in that space as much. I know it is not God who moves away from me, but I get distracted and wander off into another place. I have trying to find my way back there. It is an Advent longing.
  • I seem to always find God in music. It might be liturgical (almost always), but it could be classical, or wailin' blues, or someones beautiful poetry sung to a guitar line. Or it could even be the bum-ba-ba-bum of a bass line that transports me on any given day.
  • God-incidences. Yes I do believe. Even though there is a part of me that wants to be all scientific and sophisticated, my mystical Celtic soul wins every time. God does break into the world in ways I do not understand or apprehend. That book that "mysteriously" falls into my hands that has just the right words, just the right thoughts when I need them most. That person I have been thinking about for a week who turns up on my doorstep or voicemail. The random comment that makes everything fall into place in my brain. The thing that happens that is the prayer's answer, whether I know it or not at the time. Random happenstance? Perhaps. Or not. God is God and I am not. So I think we'll leave it in the mystery and believe and just be grateful.


Sophia said...

This is lovely, and I rejoice with you in the gifts of the year--especially your beloved. Very nice to have the new picture!

altar ego said...

I echo Sophia's comment! Your year sounds grounded and closely centered. Even your movement away isn't far with the many graces and people that draw you back. Lovely!