Thursday, July 01, 2010

July Here!

Apparently June sneaked off somewhere while I wasn't looking and left July behind.  NaBloPoMo tells me there is a new theme for the month and I'm try this posting every day business. Partially because in my efforts to restore some spiritual and other disciplines to my life, daily writing might be a good one to add to my newly re-born yoga/morning prayer routine.  Plus I like the theme. "Saved."    Indeed...I could write a bit about things I've "....kept, rescued, or otherwise prevented from being lost forever,"  but I could also write about how the same has been true for me. About all the ways that I have wandered off, gotten lost, strayed and stranded in the wilderness of my own creation time and time again, and how I just keep getting....SAVED. The strange ways in which that has happened, how I have resisted it and resist it still...and the puzzlement in my mind about just why it is I do so.  I get saved myself about once a day I think and maybe on a good day....I wonder I might be doing some saving for someone else.

So I may give it a go....this NaBloPoMo.  Every day?  Oh who knows? Perhaps.  Or maybe just a little more.

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river song said...

I did daily blogs for National Blog Month in November, partly because Jan had started blogging alphabetical thanks, which I considered an excellent idea. Most likely I'll blog every day again next November and a lot of the topics tempt me, too, but I'm way behind on things I need to do (more grief than procrastination) and it does not seem reasonable. In other words, it feels like a bad idea.