Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Saving Myself from Things I Should be Doing

Yes this is procrastination blog post.  There are things I could and should be doing.  I could tie up a couple work-related things in the last few minutes of the day.  Or I could slog along some more on the half-finished sermon for the nursing home service for Sunday. I have energy for neither of those things.  Nor do I have any deep thoughts about the topic of "Saved" or any other topic for that matter.  I am way more tired than I should be for a Tuesday....especially one that was the first day of the work week. 

There seems to be a lot of what my friends across the pond refer to as whingeing going on around here. Both R and I seem to be dealing with a lot of folks who can't quite seem to get their stuff together, make messes of things, don't seem to want to take responsibility for the fact, and want to blame others....loudly and at length for it.  It's making us both a bit cranky with these folks.

Are they my neighbors, too? Oh bother.  I just hate it when the Gospel refuses to leave me alone, even when I want to leave it.

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Mompriest said...

I was thinking much the same thing about that piece of Gospel about "turning the other cheek"....sigh...