Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lent Day 7 Which is Really About Day 7 (This Time)

OK, I'm caught up now, since this is my second post today. I was a Presbypalian tonight, and went to my second church home for the Wednesday night Lenten program. One of my Soul Sisters was presenting on using music as prayer. We listened to a whole variety of different kinds of music from contemporary Christian vocal music to instrumentals and she shared how all of this enhances her own prayer practice. It was a really lovely evening and I got to hear some music I hadn't heard before as well as some things I really love. As I listened to Fernando Ortega's beautiful Give Me Jesus I couldn't help but think about my first meeting with the COM and smile. To say that Jesus and I have come some distance in our relationship since then would be an understatement. It amazes me to this day that these people moved me forward into the ordination process given some of my responses on the "Jesus questions." One of the things I love about the liturgical seasons (oh what don't I love about them?) is the opportunity to think back to "this time last year", or that year, what kind of place I was in and I am delighting in finding these "random" reminders that take me back to other times and places triggering just those kinds of memories. So as this first week ends, I would say I am relaxing into the rhythm of Lent. I'm more ok with not having it all together as far as the "how" of the "what" goes. God, I am finding, is providing plenty of opportuities for practice. And just why did I ever doubt that?

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mompriest said...

I am so far behind in my reading....yeesh. I'll be back tonight to read more. Just wanted to let you know I'm taking a minute to play and tagged you for a meme, it's over at my blog...come play!!