Friday, May 02, 2008

Off to the "Summit"

So I am off to the "Total Ministry Summit." My fourth overall and the third one at this particular retreat center. I hear tell there are beautiful grounds. Which once again we will not see because it is cold and blustery and nasty and my time outdoors will be limited to unloading the car and running in and repeating it at the end as tomorrow's forecast is for more of the same. Truth be told it's an intense little twenty-four hour gig where there is not much time for grounds roaming anyway. Or blogging or reading. So I'll have to catch up with everyone else's fab Friday Fives on Saturday night when I get back. Have a lovely weekend and catch you on the flip side.


Barb said...

Blimey ! "Total ministry summit" sounds extreme. I get the "go to the supposedly beautiful location, but never see it" conference routine. Hope there's good bits and that maybe you can return to tell the rest of us what totally successful ministry is. Or at least return feeling you've been fed.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Well, I hope they don't run you too ragged, and I hope that you are nourished spiritually there.

The Swandive said...

wishing you a most delightful time, filled with surprises and a bit of fun.