Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tethers and Freedom and Bits and Pieces

Freedom by Hugh Prather

No one grants you freedom.
You are free if you are free.
No one enthralls you.
You enthrall yourself.
And when you have
You may hand your tether
To another
To many others
To all others
To yourself

Perhaps this last is the worst of all
For this slave master is the hardest to see
And hardest to rebel against
But he is the easiest to hate
And to damage

I do not know how to tell you to be free
I wish I did
But I do know some signs of freedom
One is in doing what you want to do
Though someone tells you not to
Another is in doing what you want to do
Though someone else tells you to.

A post or so ago I wrote about feeling "untethered." At the time I was feeling like it was kind of a not so good thing. It was interesting as the comments I got sounded much more positive than I felt. And then I started thinking back to this poem from the first BE. It hit me hard at the time, especially the part about tethering myself to myself. And I started thinking that maybe being untethered right now was not so bad after all....if freedom was the other side. So I thought I'd share Hugh Prather today.

I will be posting pictures of the dress tomorrow. I've not done so till now as R is a faithful blog reader and he has expressed a wish not to see the dress until the day. But he is safely off in Norway this week visiting his daughter and won't be in the proximity of technology and has agreed not to back-read on his return. Also, since Friday starts the one-year till the wedding count down, I thought it would be fun to do it this week. So for all of you who have been waiting for the froth....stay tuned.

May remains a busy church month. Articles due, extra preaching, weekend meetings....this weekend our Presiding Bishop is visiting our Diocese, so it's off across the state again on Friday. I would not miss the chance to meet and greet KJS++ for all the world, but driving on the summer detours....sigh! But staying busy is good. I am missing my guy more than a little. It was one thing to have him in Florida or me in Arizona....but Norway....that's a different horse cell phones, no e-mail...yep, a little R withdrawal here, owned and admitted. So busy it is....and back to work.


Anonymous said...

ooohhh - I cannot wait to see the dress!! I will back read if I don;t get to see it before I leave!!

Rev SS said...

Yay ... looking forward to tomorrow's post!

Jan said...

The dress, the dress! And thank you for that poem.

zorra said...

Ooh! Ooh! I'm ready to see the dress. (It's not froth. Well, if it is, froth is good. We need froth.)