Monday, November 30, 2009

Well There Goes November.... And Here's Advent

And so much for frequent posting. Time seems to be my frenemy these days. I enjoy it so much more than I used to when I was burning it madly in an attempt to hide from myself, but on the other hand, it seems to move even faster in some ways than it did then. As I arrived back in the day job office this morning I could hardly believe I'd just had a four-day weekend--it seems like I just left, and yet....when I think of all the things these days have held.....

Wednesday night was our community Thanksgiving service. Those who have been with this blog a while know this service is one of those markers for me by which I sort of measure my life and times here in little town on the prairie. I so clearly remember my first one....sitting alone in the big Catholic church, looking around me wondering if I would ever feel any sense of belonging in this community. The second year and third years I think I may have too. Before I knew it, I was there as part of the clergy, then for the last two years on the planning group. This year as I sat with the other clergy I was able to smile out at R, sitting in the congregation. Another year, another milestone, another gratitude.

Thursday we went to R's sister's for the day. We took his young adult daughter along. She is usually away at college, so it's nice to get to spend time with her. There were a passel of siblings and in-laws, almost grown up kids and a couple little-uns along with his Dad. We stuffed ourselves with the usual fare, teased, laughed and visited. There was a card game and a chance to revisit the past playing My Little Ponies with little great-niece L.

R had to work on Friday, so I spent the day doing some much needed house-foofing, erranding and grocery-getting. It was also the day to put up the garland on the house-front. This was the year to replace lights and generally spruce it up, so when R got home from work we spent some time on that and it looks very festive.

Saturday we celebrated his birthday (which was actually on Thanksgiving) with some friends. I made my first ever scratch cake--carrot, and lasagna. We played wii and a good time was had by all.

And of course Sunday we are suddenly in Advent. Every year it seems to surprise me. Wasn't it just Lent for heaven's sake? But the Advent candle lighting has begun, the Trisagion is being sung, the altar is dressed in blue....all the inescapable clues that indeed it is here. Advent is one of my favorite seasons, and it always seems too short. I'm not sure why, but somehow I want to wait longer, savor the anticipation more. But it too will fly by I think. The schedule for the next weeks is heating up. Things that fill me with both anxiety and joy. The falling shoes event is this Friday as is R's work party. Both coincidentally and conveniently are in the Big City on the same day. So we will be traveling later this week. I am praying that there is no "weather" to further add to my anxiety. As December moves on there is the ECW church womens' Christmas gathering, our annual Lessons and Carols, with its rehearsals and robe mongering for all the "extras" (my particular task), a nursing home service, another round of preaching at St. J's....oh yeah and the day job. All mixed into the usual tumble of craziness that the holidays bring. Its easy to forget in all of this that it's about something, toward something. But I want to slow it down a little, savor it and the reason for it, remember why it is we celebrate this holiday at all. I want to reflect a bit on how absolutely incredible it is that we are loved this much, I want to let the fact of the Incarnation sink in a little more, revel in my belovedness, see the Gift for what it really is. That's my hope for Advent this year. What's yours?


Mompriest said...

My hope is that the discernment/search process with this parish in the cheese state continues to move forward and concludes with a call!

sounds like a delightful time for you...hope the other shoe thingy is no big deal...

Rev SS said...

my hope is the same for mompriest and you ... and for good news for Cheese and Beachwalkin'