Thursday, September 27, 2007


It's another bullet week. But somehow this one stealthed me....I misjudged, under-estimated and miscalculated. If I am optimally productive every single minute of my waking hours for the next eight days I might, just might, make the finish line. The to-do list includes:

  • Reading and grading twenty eight student journals yet today

  • Sermon-writing and service prep for Sunday. I volunteered (!) to also do the bulletin this week as the usual person is in every bit as dire straights as I am. My heart is still able to be moved!

  • Getting the two lectures ready for class next week (Descartes on Tuesday, Goethe, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche on Thursday, just fluff)

  • Getting a food license and volunteers lined up for a the hot dog sale MDG fund-raiser for Homecoming on October 6 (person who was doing it backed out)

  • Getting the "stuff" together to decorate the truck for the parade for same homecoming parade and getting the decorating team moving to do the deed

  • Making sure everyone gets (and PAYS me) for the t-shirts for the same event (Must say I am happy with how they look, at least on screen and anxious to see them in person)

  • Conducting regular service on Sunday and then tagging along to the jail service in the afternoon to see how its done because "our turn" is next month and I've never been there

  • Giving the two lectures (which of course includes fighting with the library over the AV equipment as well as my own sporadic anxiety that still floats up with the teaching now and again)
  • The actual Homecoming Parade and hotdog event. I get to drive the TRUCK!

All squeezed around the day job and life in general. Haven't done laundry since before I traveled so it's getting pretty serious on that front. Have to do that or buy basics! Need a haircut, but there is no time for such frivolity. And somehow I got talked into three social events this weekend and a dinner out tonight to meet a clergy relative of one of my congregants who is passing through town. I did say no to one meeting in the midst of all this in favor of attending Taize at SD's church. I am giving myself huge credit for that!

So if you don't hear much from me in the next week, that's why. Maybe the sermon will speak for me. I want to be here. I'm getting behind here, too, and I miss the connections with you all. Well at least I'm consistent! Your prayers for my endurance and patience will be appreciated!


more cows than people said...

i hear ya.

lifting a prayer right now.

Tandaina said...

Kate, delegate.

I know, easier said than done but OMG you are super-priest if you can get all that done! Praying for you.

"PS" said...

Prayers for some space for you to be rest-filled.

RevDrKate said...

Tandaina, I hear you, but delegating sometimes takes more time than just doing....and there just are not that many of us to delgate TO! I have sent out a call for volunteers....we will see how that goes. Thanks for the prayers!

Gannet Girl said...

Oh. Wow.

Katherine E. said...

I wish I could hear your lectures on Descartes, Goethe, SK and Nietzsche, Kate! Wow.

Well, here's to keeping your head down and your eyes straight ahead -- may you be open to those gentle nudges from God in the midst of it all!

You're in my prayers, for sure.

RevDrKate said...

Well here's the good news, the hotdog stand is off the books....too many rules and regs and red tape! Huzzah! one bullet dodged and it's a big one!

Jan said...

I am wondering how you can possibly do all this--super-priest you are! Good luck and God speed. And I am praying for you right now.