Sunday, September 30, 2007

Taking a Deep Breath on Sunday

It's seven o'clock p.m. on Sunday, and given the absolutely out of control pace at which my life has been moving, I think I'm doing ok. Having the hot dog sale go away has taken off a huge load. As my SD said, "who ever thought that this could be an answer to prayer?" But I am here to tell you that this has been the most specific, wonderful and appreciated answer to something I did not even know I was praying for EVER!

The Spirit was visibly and amazingly present in our service this morning. So was I in deep and unexpected ways. The first time doing the jail ministry had a sense of "right time, right place" that was an unexpected grace and blessing.

Tuesday's lecture is done, Thursday's is underway and can be wrapped up in a couple good sprints. Both have some reading to do, but it's manageable if I stay on task. Tuesday I have my fabulous Bible Study with the funniest smartest study group ever. Wednesday I get to go just SIT at my Prebyterian friends' Taize service and feed my soul. Thursday night after school I'll go get the truck for the parade and Friday night we decorate it. The parade is Saturday morning. Next weekend's remaining task will be to finish ONE more lecture, then the focus shifts, the student presentations begin and on October 12 I am OFF TO THE YURT for the weekend for some well-deserved R & R!!!! I am so appreciating all the thoughts and prayers. I do truly feel you carrying me. Onward into the week!


Jan said...

Glad things are slowing down a little. Peace.

Diane said...

yay! the yurt! that's so great. can't wait for a little r&r (make that a big one) myself.

Barbara B. said...

Wowser, it's been a whirlwind of activity. (Your Bible study group sounds awesome!!)

Katherine E. said...

Sounds like you're "in the flow" of God's grace, Kate. Wonderful!!