Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Fab Four -- A Meme

It's Thurday after school. I managed to be where I was supposed to be with everything I was supposed to have. The lecture was long but they all stayed awake. The "stuff" to decorate the truck is all downloaded and enlarged and only needs some laminating to assure waterproofing. Tonight after Tai Chi I will go fetch the truck. Tomorrow is just the day job and decorating. I might even squeeze in a haircut. So since I've been tagged by Diane for this meme, I thought I'd take a few minutes for something entirely different.

Four jobs I've held: Not counting the THREE I'm holding simutaneously right now!
Bill collector,Hardware store manager, Pre-school teacher, Nun (Is that a job? It sure was full-time!)

Four films I could watch over and over: Used to be Sound of Music (not sure I still could....maybe) Green Mile, Mr. Holland's Opus, Dangerous Minds

Four TV shows I watch: Not much of a TV's that attention span thing, or that three jobs thing....tend to watch HGTV, Food channel, MSNBC before it's stuff like, Good Eats, Unwrapped, Curb Appeal, Lockup,, yeah, really edifying, but hey, it puts my brain to bed!

Four places I've lived:Dubuque, IA, Silver Spring, MD, St. Paul, MN, Milroy, MN

Four favorite foods: Green thai chicken curry, Pasta with really good tomato sauce (fresh is best!), Chicken Mole, Chicken Tajine over cous-cous

Four websites I visit every day: RevGals blog (and many individual ones as well), My bank, My several e-mail accounts, EpiscopalLife Online

Four favorite colors: Purple Dark Green Chocolate Brown Periwinkle Blue

Four places I would love to be right now: In a time machine set for December 13. (School's out!), At the yurt (Eight more days and I WILL be, At Casa Lalita, the yoga retreat in Mexico where I have gone for four years (missed last year) and hope to go again someday, Having a nap.

Four names I love but would/could not use for my children: (don't have children either, but if I did....) Katherine. Love it but woudn't want a "junior." it too, but already gave it away to my dog, Lots of the "old-fashioned" names I think are beautiful but not sure my child would appreciate....although many are now "in" again, so maybe I would use one like......Susannah, Same for boys.......Tobias.

I now tag anyone who wants to play, have at'er ladies!


Tandaina said...

I love when Memes reveal little surprising bits. You were a nun? Wow!

Diane said...

great play! loved your favorite foods (yum) and also, I didn't know you were a nun, either.

mompriest said...

I think "they" consider "nun" to be a vocation, not a job. But, if the vocation is not that then it is a job...

I love all your movies...really good choices.

And, I LOVE, thai green curry chicken. oh, is delicious. spicy, but not, but it is, really good.

I hope you get that retreat.

Oh, and are you going on the revgals cruise? I'm pondering.?.

RevDrKate said...

Someday, when life slows down, I will do another chapter of faith journey, "The Nun Story."

MP I don't know about the cruise, I am also pondering. I wish there was more time to decide, right now it looks like it would be financially impossible but by then things might have changed..... decisions, deicsions!