Friday, January 02, 2009

Ch-ch-changes...Post 1

My basic belief about change is that we finally do it when the pain of our current situation overtakes the fear of what it will be like when we finally take the steps necessary to do whatever it is that is needed to make the change. Because I do think it is fear that is the greatest obstacle to change. All those scary messages we give ourselves (based on perfectly reasonable -- to us anyway -- beliefs about the "things that could happen" if we take this step out into the unknown). Because that's where change takes us....out there into some new place where we have not been before. And for most of us it takes a lot to get us to go there. And whether we like to admit it or not, pain or at least a fair amount of discomfort with our current status is the best motivation for that movement. And the funny thing is, that when we get there, to the new place....we often find it's really not half so bad after all.

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Mrs. M said...

I couldn't possibly agree more. Yes.