Thursday, January 01, 2009

Something Good

I'm feeling a little like Cinderella today. I did get to go to the ball...well at least the New Year's Eve dance....and it was everything I'd hoped it would be. It has been kind of a long-term fantasy of mine to do that on New Years...get dressed up and go to a dance with someone special...and for a whole host of reasons, it has just never happened. Bless R, when this event was advertised and I shared my dream with him, he never hesitated for a moment. And unlike many things that having been dreamed of for so long, do not deliver in real life, last night was wonderful and almost perfect. The music was great, we had fun dancing and just being together. It was interesting seeing who else was there and fun to talk with our friends. We toasted the New Year at midnight and I uttered a prayer of deep gratitude for this wonderful gift of dreams that really do come true.

One of my favorite songs has always been Something Good from the Sound of Music. I find myself humming it lately. "Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could....I must have done something good." I feel like I must have done something to deserve this. Not just the dream come true of the dance, but finding love at this time in my life, finding someone who fits, who accepts all the complexities and baggage that come with me. And that there is an ease, a lightness, a distinct lack of drama that I find very refreshing at this point. But I also know that I must account for grace, and that perhaps I did nothing and that he, like all the blessings of my life is simply another gift and my appropriate response is simply gratitude and cherishing.

NaBloPoMo for January is about sounded interesting, and since my life and many people around me seem to be about that, I thought it might be fun to take on the challenge of trying to write something every day on that off we go.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Your post made me smile. I love that you had this dream come true.

Katherine E. said...

That's one of my favorites from Sound of Music, too. Such a lilting melody, I just float along with it.

I'm so happy for you!