Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday, and #500

It seems so right some how that this Easter post should be my 500th post on this blog. It's also rather amazing that I have had that much to say in just two years. Two years. Those two that I have been thinking about a lot today. It was two years ago on Easter Day (April 8 to be exact) that I baptized little K. That was quite a day. We began at seven, M and I, bringing communion to one of our homebound folks. We did a full service for him at his request. Then we headed off to church to get ready for the baptism. It was my first and I was nervous, but it went fine...I managed to baptise the sweet baby without dropping her, drowning her or any of my other horrid fantasies. I didn't even get chance to get my alb off that day, and I was called to the ER to be with a client in crisis. It was a long day and one I will never forget.

There was something else about that day. K's godfather. He was a friend of her family, nothing unusual there, but there was something about him that I found interesting, attractive in a way that did not usually happen for me. At the time, I gave it little further thought, as neither he nor I were single, and I certainly had no plans to be at that far as I knew.

There has been a lot of emotion in this week. Lent seemed like it never really got off the ground, Holy week came in spades, and now I'm having a little trouble launching my Alleluia balloons. I ended up in tears more than once through this Easter day, but, thanks be to God, there have been strong arms to hold me and assure me that on this Easter Sunday, and all of those to come, at times like like this, there is a soft place to land.

Yes I have come a long way since I baptized that baby....and so has K's godfather, R.


God_Guurrlll said...

Isn't it amazing how God joined you and R together at a baptism.

God is good all the time...all the time God is good.

Can't wait to see you in a couple of days!!!!!

Peace and much love,

mid-life rookie said...

"I'm having a little trouble launching my Alleluia balloons." You might read here about a balloonless (okay trumpetless) Easter.

mompriest said...

That's how you met, at a a ritual of new life? wow...

Mary Beth said...

Wow! I did not know this!

Amazing grace!