Thursday, April 02, 2009

Two Weeks Until Launch

I just realized that two weeks from today I'll be in Arizona. This is a wonderful thing. However it also involves a whole lot of logistics that somehow up until now I haven't been giving a lot of thought to. On Sunday I did figure out the Park and Fly thing and have a reservation for that set up. But there is the matter of my little menagerie. Last year, even though things were dicey between us, XDO was still "in the house" to cover pet care. Now this is in my court and arrangements must be made for Maggie and the kitties. I will ask Soul Sister S about having Maggie stay, though sometimes I feel like I presume on her hospitality a lot. She has another sitter she uses for her pup, so I don't get the chance to reciprocate, and the people whose dogs I sit don't sit mine....and so it goes. She doesn't want to be it makes me feel kind of funny sometimes to ask....but perhaps this is my stuff about "receiving" from people. I have been informed by some pretty astute folks in my life that I seem to have some issues in this department. I think I can prevail on R to stop by to visit the kitties now and again. They are pretty self-sufficient and don't need daily calls, just a little top off on the food and water now and again.

And then there is the whole packing thing. I did get a couple pairs of shorts and some tops as I seem to have a little problem with last year's summer wardrobe being a little big for me. Nice problem, but it can complicate things a bit. My intentions are to pack light. I seem to always have those intentions and then end up dragging far too many things to wherever I am going. Someone suggested putting everything out and cutting half....we'll see how that goes!

And somehow between here and there is life. This weekend the Soul Sisters and I are taking a road trip to a bridal shop two hours from here to peruse the end of season clearance sales. Then we slide into Holy Week , and in the midst of the day job, I still have a sermon to write before Thursday. Easter weekend there will be some time with R's family on Saturday and with friends after church on Sunday. And someplace in there the dog needs a rabies shot and I need a dentist!

I know it will all get done. It always does. And what doesn't won't matter. Because it doesn't either. So off we go into Thursday....and the countdown continues.


mompriest said...

I'll send a weather update in a week and a few days. Basically - layers. Plan on a 40 degree difference night to noon. I'll probably bring two pairs of jeans, one pair of shorts, T's, long sleeved shirt, and a sweatshirt jacket like thingy, gym shoes, and walking sandals. Something like that...I always over pack too...

Have fun at the bridal shop! I wore my mothers dress, so never did that shopping for a dress thing...always thought it would be fun, though!

God_Guurrlll said...

Same problem with the shorts. I too lost a bit of weight since the last BE. I'm thinking of going to the Goodwill. My partner was able to pick up a couple of cute pairs that still had their store tags on them.

I can't wait to see you in two weeks. My heart leaps with joy everytime I think of BE2.

Peace and love,

Mary Beth said...

Well, no weight has been lost *here*. But that's ok. Or I'm working on it being so. :)

Personally, I'm looking forward to not worrying about "dress up" like for dinners on the cruise. I like to say I am "low maintenance" which means lazy. :)

DogBlogger said...

I'm with MB on low maintenance! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

mid-life rookie said...

So looking forward to seeing you again in Arizona:-) No weight lost here either. :-( I'll wait till next weekend to check the weather before figuring out clothes to take. I'm just hoping the swag I ordered gets here in time!