Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Egads...It's April 1st!

And it's snowing. Not a lot. Just a little powdered sugar dusting. Nuisance snow. April Fool snow. Just enough remind us that even though the calendar says Spring....we are in Minnesota and anything can happen.

Today is Soup and Sermon at noon. I'm up as preacher with Lazarus as my guy. There was just something about recent weeks that called out for a good back to life story. Actually I have to confess to a back to life sermon....this being the last one in the marathon stretch, I did a little resurrecting myself of an Easter 5 sermon from years past. With some tweaking, it fits the need and speaks to where I hope folks are today. The S & S crowd is a mixed bunch, mainly older, mostly Catholic (since we meet at the RC church), but with a good sprinkling of all the other folks as well. I love that we do this ecumenical stuff here....the community Thanksgiving, this series in Lent, our active ministerium. It feels very right to me that we should all gather as believers now and again and pay less attention to the stuff that divides us and more to what unites us.

I found myself volunteering yesterday to preach Maundy Thursday. I was completely off the docket for Holy Week...but with one thing and another, M was going to have two services to preach and me with none....well, it didn't seem, there you go. I have had the last two Easters, but I've not had a Holy Week service, so it's time anyway. And there is that vacation right after Easter to look forward to, after all!

It is time for a vacation. Winter has been long. Despite the fact that I have pretty much floated through it, I'm tired and feeling sort of meh right now. My clients are not getting the best of me, I know. Some days my inner dialogue is more critical towards them than I like....always a sign I need a break. My spiritual life feels a little dry and dusty. Lent really never did get off the ground. Physically, I've been dragging from a cold and sinus-y stuff. On the positive side, my personal emotional life is about as wonderful as I can imagine it being. And despite the bits of burn-out, I really do love what I do job-wise and feel very grateful to be employed and secure and doing something that feeds my soul as well. But I am so looking forward to the BE2.

Sixteen and counting......

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mompriest said...

No snow here!!! although I suppose it could at the Grand Canyon - but I'm not even sure about that....I am sooo excited...

in the meantime. glad you got a time to preach - that's only right!