Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On the Road Again

I'm about to get on the road again. It's actually not until Saturday. And I can wait. It's that peripatetic time of year again when I go traipsing around the state doing my clergy thing. And the month of May is going to involve a fair amount of that.

Saturday it's off to the big city for a convocation on the mission strategy networking effort that our diocese has been about for the last few years. I volunteered to be a group facilitator. What was I thinking? We have been instructed to gather at 8:30 for our marching orders....and I am not making the three hour trek until Saturday morning as I have an obligation Friday night on the home front. Oh, dear....departure at O-dark thirty before the birdies are up I fear.

And since I am over on that side of the state it makes no sense to trek back, as clergy conference starts Monday up thataway, so I'll spend the rest of the weekend hanging with friends and maybe taking in some fine retail therapy options. I'm looking forward to CC this year as Phyllis Tickle is our presenter, and it should be fabulous.

Then Wednesday it's back home to the day job where I can settle in till the 15th when it's back to the cities again for an exciting opportunity to get to visit with our PB Katharine. And then the next day I'll hop down the freeway to worship with her at the "other cathedral" a couple hours away....then home again, home again across the state. Love that windshield riding life!

At the end of the month it's off to another part of the state for the "Total Ministry Summit" where we gather with all the teams who do what we do to catch up on who's who and what's what. Love those folks and all the meet and greet....but whoosh! There goes another weekend! And here comes another drive.

I am so grateful for books on CD. That and really raucous music to keep me awake. I mean let's face it. After almost seven years of driving back and forth and back and forth, I have seen this scenery. I could almost make this drive in my sleep, but would prefer not to if I can help it. So good amusements and quantities of caffeine are in order.

This coming month really is shaping up to be busy. All of the above, the day job, preaching twice and finding time to miss R who will be trekking off to Norway to visit his daughter who is studying abroad. And there are tryouts coming up for the summer musical about which decisions must be made. It's The Sound of Music and I have always had the Reverend Mother fantasy. Well, now's my chance....but thinking about the time commitment is a little daunting....especially looking at how much the summer already holds. I've been realizing lately how jealous of my free time I have become....and how much I used to fill my time with things to avoid having that same free time. Hmmmm.....

I realized I have hardly posted about the BE2. And I have yet to share my pictures with the RevGals. Perhaps after clergy conference there will come a time "when life slows down" and I will have some time to reflect on that as well as what Phyllis will offer us. Well I can dream, can't I?

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Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Oh my, you are busy. I hope you'll manage to keep some play time and some rest time.