Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Five on books!!!

1. Fiction what kind, detective novels, historical stuff, thrillers, romance????
My favorite is the "cozy"...the little mystery with the protagonist who has some other life, and within that is the sub-genre of the protagonist's other life being female Episcopal's that for narrow! The best of these are by Julia Spencer-Fleming and Michelle Blake.

2. When you get a really good book do you read it all in one chunk or savour it slowly? If life allows I will read in a gulp, sometimes sacrificing sleep if necessary. Julia Cameron's autobiography Floor Sample had that effect lately as did BBT's Leaving Church.

3. Is there a book you keep returning to and why? Anthony DeMello's Acceptance because he says things I need to hear over and over. I find there are others I read in cycles from time to time, fiction and non. Right now I am re-reading Stephen Cope's Yoga and the Quest for the True Self. Read it five years ago and it is time again.

4. Apart from the Bible which non-fiction book has influenced you the most? When I was fifteen I read Dag Hammerskjold's Markings and it had a profound effect on my developing soul. Emily Dickinson's poetry had the same effect and I return to her and to other writers, Ranier Maria Rilke, Thoreau....just now and again when I need a certain kind of nurturing. Also at a young age, Teilhard de Chardin and Martin Buber affected me. Hard to name just one.

5. Describe a perfect place to read. ( could be anywhere!!!) Anywhere my current books are!
But I am very fond of my porch swing.


Hedwyg said...

Ooooo - Rilke and Dickinson are two of my favorite poets. I've been reading Heine, Micle, and Eminescu lately, too. I seem to have a soft spot for the Romantics...

Great play - happy Friday!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

Alright! Someone else who's read Julia Spencer-Fleming...her last book was the one I read during a car ride.

Thoreau... can't go wrong there! happy reading this weekend

Gannet Girl said...

I read Markings at just about the same age. Important book for me, too.

Tandaina said...

Oh my goodness, the Fleming books look rather fun! More for the library list. ;)

Sally said...

Rilke and Dickinson are wonderful- well worth returning to again and again!
Graet play- love the cat pic!