Saturday, June 16, 2007

Nine Months Today

I was ordained nine months ago today. If it had been a conception, we’d be having a delivery. Makes me appreciate even more the miracle of life that can create a fully developed new human in that amount of time. For certainly in this time we have not achieved a fully developed new priest! Far from it! But there was a new being conceived on that beautiful September day. One who in many ways had no clue about the many wonders God had in store (and I’m sure still does not). I have said that I was seduced by God into ministry by the liturgical priesthood, and with a rather limited view even of that. It was an idea of priest that had, I must admit, a lot to do with singular mystical moments between God and myself. A narrow, if romantic view of things, heavily influenced by my partially pre-Vatican, exceedingly Roman Catholic upbringing. But God wooed me well, and I have no doubt I am where I belong. And now I can continue to grow into it, understanding that this is but one small aspect to be serving God in this way, to be living out my baptismal vows in this particular fashion at this moment in time.


Gannet Girl said...

Many blessings on this part of your journey.

Tandaina said...

Congratulations on nine months. Thank you for sharing your journey so far with us.

God is good at the wooing. :)