Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Five: Books and More Books Edition

Jan says: "I hope some of you received books for Christmas presents; I did and have been reading ever since. Then I discovered a new author from those recommendations that pop up on Instead of buying those books, I've been checking them out at the library, which will not help Amazon's future recommendations for me at all. So tell us what you're reading, what you would and would not recommend--five books or authors! And if you don't want to do that freestyle, here are some questions:"
1. What books have you recently read? Tell us your opinion of them. I DID get a book for Christmas from my husband's lovely daughter.  It's Blink by Malcolm Gladwell and I am reading and enjoying this thoughtful delve into how we know those things we just know in the "blink of an eye."  I'm also reading Christianity for the Rest of Us which is making me by turns inspired and, I have to say, a little wistful.  Also just starting David Bach's Start Late, Finish Rich which I got for .01 on Amazon (and of course $3.99 for shipping, but still a good deal.) So far it's in sync with what I've seen on his website and in his earlier works...upbeat hopeful..."YOU can DO IT!!!" I can...but will I? Also reading Little Women on the android Nook just because it was a free download and I am between books and haven't had time to go get more.  I just finished Patricia Cornwell's Port Mortuary on the Nook, a Kay Scarpetta mystery. Always a good escape read.  And before that there was a Jodi Piccoult.  Got a gift card for the Nook from my sweetie for Christmas, so gotta shop before the BE! I'm actually thinking of getting a full size Nook or Kindle.  Me the queen of books liking a "device"....who'd a thought! But I love having five or six "at hand" without the lugging!

2. What books are awaiting your available time to be read?
There are the coffee table, beside the bed, in the office(s)...I don't even know what is in them anymore.  Books I bought, books people gave me, loaned me. Someday they will float up (or not) and get read (or not) or returned (or not).  So here's notice, if you ever loaned me a book, and you want it back, please tell me, it may be in that pile!
3. Have any books been recently recommended? I'm sure they have, but apparently I did not write them down...and sigh....they are gone where ever in brain such things go to hide of late.

4. What genre of books are your favorite, along with some titles and/or authors you like best? For just plain old escape I love me a mystery, especially with a women protagonist.  I like "cozies." I like things set in Minnesota, so Joanne Fluke's little baker/crime solver Hannah Swenson is a favorite as is anything by John Sandford or William Kent Krueger.  I'm also hooked on Julia Spencer Fleming and her  Rev.Clare Fergussen, Episcopal priest, ex-military pilot, crime junkie and thoroughlyy human woman.

5. What have you read lately that you have a strong urge to recommend? (or to condemn?) The above mentioned Blink is a fun and informative read.  I keep wanting to interrupt R at whatever he's doing to say "Did you know....." So he's now reading it along with me.  Thank you lovely daughter, good choice!


Sharon said...

I have been wanting to read something by Malcolm Gladwell. Blink goes on the list!

Jan said...

You reminded me of how much I loved "Little Women" when I was growing up. I remember I read it first in 3rd grade; I was in a 3/4 combination class and a 4th grader told me I wasn't old enough to read it, so of course, I had to.

Thanks for the suggestions--I've added names and titles for my future trips to the library.

Sandy said...

I also love Joanne Fluke! I will have to check out Julia Spencer Fleming. Thanks!

Songbird said...

Don't you love free/very inexpensive classics for the e-reader? Mine is chock-a-block with them.