Wednesday, January 05, 2011

January Blogging NaBloPoMo

Today's Prompt: Tell us about the day you were born.

Well, it's been a while,  so any memories I may have had are lost in time by now. :)  There weren't a lot of stories surrounding my birth day.  There was one about the day my mom came home and announced she was pregnant to my then thirteen and eighteen year old brothers.  The older of the two picked her up and apparently spun her until she was dizzy, so happy was he that she was pregnant and not ill with some dread disease that had been making her so tired and sick.  This was the same brother who got kind of sulky when she had to miss some of his high school graduation festivities due to being in labor!

I do have a "birth song" that my mother shared with me, and that follows like a golden thread through my life. Mom told me that when she was going into the labor room the last thing she heard was Gounod's Ave Maria playing on the hospital's sound system.  Again as she came out of recovery, that same song was playing, and again the day we were going home, just as we came out into the corridor to be wheeled downstairs, there it was, she said.  She insisted she did not hear it any other time all the while she was in the hospital (longer in those days!) So it became our song, hers and mine.  Every time I heard it I felt connected to her.  I had it sung at her funeral, my ordination and our wedding.  And this year on Christmas Eve, my friend CCM who sang it at our wedding sang it again in her lovely contralto in the beautifully candlelit Presbyterian church.  I quietly dampened R's shoulder with my tears as memories flooded me, and I knew that mom too, was there with us listening to our song.

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Terri said...

Lovely story of your birthing and your mother.