Monday, January 17, 2011

January Blogging NaBloPoMo

Today's Prompt: Write about something you feel should not have been invented.

I'm struggling here.  I have a hard time with absolutes. There are some things that come to mind as inventions we might well have been better off without.  The atom bomb might be one choice.  But from some of the research and development  that spawned that weapon also came things that were useful.  So there you go. Yin and yang rather than black and white. 

I have problems in general with should.  It's one of those non-negotiable words.  Like its friends must and ought and cousins always and never. Very absolute those words are.  Up against the wall and rigid they get us in our thinking. Personally, I like a little more breathing room, a little more space and movement for things to flow.

Perhaps there are things I would prefer that there were not flying loose in the world for unwise people to get hold of.  Were it my choice, atoms and their power would be used judiciously (if at all) and only for peace, and weapons of any sort (including inciting words)  would be carefully guarded and their use would the very very very last resort as a way to ever decide an outcome.

But to censor invention, even in imagination takes me to a place where I would not prefer to go.

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Terri said...

Indeed, a strange question...but you have answered thoughtfully...