Thursday, January 06, 2011

January Blogging NaBloPoMo

Today's prompt: Kant said that we require three things by which to measure happiness: someone to love, something we like to do, and something to look forward to. Who do you love, what do you like to do, and what are you looking forward to this year?

Who do you love?  Well the first person obviously who comes to mind is the sweet husband. This of course is a good thing! Seriously...I love this man more than I ever knew I could love anyone!  I also love my Soul Sisters and my soul friend C in deep and abiding ways that sustain me and feed my soul.  I have long loving friendships with people I have known for years and years...the kind you can call and pick up your last conversation from where you left off.  I have been very blessed to have these people to love. And of course last but not least....God.

What do you like to do?  Oh. My.  This could be a very LONG list.  I like my work for the most part.  I like being with people when they are dealing with important life stuff and empowering them to change things that are not working for them.  It feels like holy ground to me to be allowed so far into people's lives and to be trusted with their deepest selves.  I like being a priest...all the bits and parts of that....I like crafting sermons and preaching them, I like creating and doing good liturgy, I like doing pastoral care, I like being part of "big church" things that make a difference in the world.  I like singing, and reading.  I like being with people and being alone.  I like traveling (especially road trips with R in the Cooper).  I like cooking and trying new recipes.  I like writing of all sorts.  I like spending time with my "new" family. I like doing arsty things.  I like going to live performances of all kinds.  I like acting. I like being with my dog and being silly with her.  I like spending time doing just about anything (or absolutely nothing) with my husband. I like planting gardens (note I did not say weeding them however). I like listening to music...all kinds pretty much.  I'm starting to like working out, or at least the results.

What are you looking forward to this year? There are SUCH big changes afoot that are as yet unbloggable for various reasons.  But I am looking forward to them in many areas of my life! New adventures to be shared with my sweetie as well as continuing to be with friends, do what I love, learn new things and continue to grow and become more who I am. 

Of course I am also looking forward to 02/26/11! Can't wait to see old friends, meet new ones and to be at sea!!!!

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Terri said...

wonderful "Likes and Loves"...