Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Blessing Bag

I liked it so much I decided to make myself one....the Blessing Bag that is. There was just a bit too much Advent darkness the last few days. I've been missing my gratitudes. So I found a leftover gift bag that "just happenend" to be hanging out in my drawer at work and got busy and copied off and cut out the little questions. And pulled one out. "I felt joy when...." Oh good, an excuse to think about joy! And I knew right away, too. I felt joy last night when I was leaving Bible study and I thought about how very happy I was to be here, in this little town, with these people, having this life. I have written about this I find myself amazed that I ended up here, how totally unlikey it all is....and how much I love my life and consider it such a gift that I get to do the things I do every day in all my various vocational lives. So I guess I'd say, I feel joy often, and that is a wonderful thing. It is Christmas a lot in my life.

I also felt joy today when I talked to the jail admisitrator in the next county over and found out I can see L anytime I can get there. I'm aiming for the permitting!


Diane said...

the blessing bag sounds wonderful.

Rev SS said...

Nice. Glad you get to see L. Can you say more about that story?