Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year's Intentions

It's New Year's Eve. That means that at least one person has asked me if I am "making any resolutions." And the answer for the second year now is, no. I am, instead, "setting my intentions" about some things.

So what's the difference? Mere words? I don't think so, at least not for me. Resolutions are really fine in themselves. I just can't seem to keep them very well. I spent many years making them, setting up these lovely plans for what I was going to accomplish in the coming year, laying them out so neat and tidy, with elegant little outlines and manifestos for their execution...and they would last about a week or two and phffftttt....I'd have stopped doing them and I would feel that I had failed and once again be feeling bad about myself.

Maybe it is simple semantics, but when I think I about intentions, I think about something that is grounded in now. Intentions for me are about alignment, like a good yoga pose. About matching my manifesting in the world in the here and now, moment by moment, with the deepest desires of my most authentic self. It is a spiritual discipline for me to do my intentions, something that I have to keep checking back in with myself on, and also something that (and here's the cool part) I feel like I can't really fail at. So my intentions for 2008 as of today are:
  • To choose "compassionately curious" over judgement whenever possible regarding the behavior of myself and others.
  • To continue to take the risk of authenticity in all areas of my life.
  • To do a better job taking care of my physical being...including letting other people nurture me even when that level of vulnerability gets a little scary.
  • To be consistent in my spiritual, solitude, journaling, prayer... those things that sustain me if I sustain them.
  • To be a better steward of all my blessings, including (or maybe especially) the material ones.

That's enough for now. It could change.

A blessed New Year to you all.


mompriest said...

Oh, yes...good list of things to be intentional about....and I think the language we use can make all the difference in the intent...

Blessed New Year....

Jan said...

Those are a good list. Mostly on my mind at this point is choosing "health" at all avenues of life. . . instead of "ME" (or self-indulgence).

Happy new Year!

Rev SS said...

Great list of intentions. Especially like the first two. And, I agree, that the language we use makes all the difference. May your new year be filled with blessings of God's love, joy and peace!

Diane said...

great list! and short enough to do!

I'll amend my post to include a link to here, too...