Saturday, December 08, 2007

A Week Gone Already

I came home tonight to totes all over the living room and a lovely Frasier fir ensconced in the corner. It's a little sooner than I'd planned, but it is, after all about "going with the flow" is it not? Dear One and I have a young man in our lives whose only family is an aunt and uncle across the state. He found out on Wednesday that due to some issues in their lives they will not be having him spend Christmas vacation with him as they usually do. This came as a pretty big blow to him, as it's the only connection he really has to those family holiday interactions so many of us take for granted. Part of their time together includes buying and decorating a tree, so when he asked Dear One if we could do that here today to cheer him up a bit, well....thus the totes! So we will be three for Christmas this year. He will be my acolyte for the late Christmas service. I'll be makng dinner. My Christmas plans just firmed up. So I'm walking in two worlds today. Still firmly in Advent, preparing with John, the way of the Lord. And a little bit Christmas as the lights twinkle on the pretty fir tree in my living room tonight.


Jan said...

How nice to have the Christmas light twinkling. You are so hospitable and continue to be. Thank you.

Barbara B. said...

Yes, sounds nice! It is very good to go with the flow!