Friday, August 08, 2008

Being Careful What I Ask For

I am a complexity to myself sometimes. Half sophisticated twenty-first century woman, half Celtic mystic, I am never deep down quite sure what to think about some things. While my theological education tells me some things are true, sometimes my heart would say otherwise. And my heart says that if I wanted to think so, I could believe that right now God seems to be paying an inordinate amount of attention to tending to my little personal concerns.

A few weeks ago I was talking to C about this guy I know. Someone who was a friend of a friend. I said I thought him very nice, and if I were ever in my life going to date someone, he would not be a bad start. I said this in complete jest and more than half in fear. For truth be told, I have not ever really "dated" anyone in my life. I have no clue how this is done and I'm not sure I even really want to know. This morning I had an e-mail from him wondering if I would like to get together for coffee sometime. I assure you, C had nothing to do with this. It was a completely other connection through another friend of the friend. I am not sure how it all came to pass. It is a small town. I am sure R will tell me. When we have coffee. Tomorrow at two. Yep. That soon. I'm kind of a basket case.

So it's a good thing I have other stuff to think about. Like the woman from the newspaper who is coming to interview my church folks on Sunday for an article about us. Just last week we were sitting at our team meeting talking about our tiny unknown church selves. Saying that we were the best kept secret in town. That we think we are pretty nifty (humble, as well) but that people don't know we exist, that we need visibility. So yesterday, I get an e-mail (God apparently likes e-mail) from the community beat reporter who heard about our MDG stuff and wants to do a story on this wee church that has been raising all this money for a community center in Rwanda. So I need to think about that too, before Sunday comes. What to say, how to get our best message out there.

Tomorrow there is also a sermon to write for the nursing home service on Sunday afternoon. I am hoping to have enough focus to do that before coffee, but I can't be sure that will happen.
My friend from the Big City is visiting on her way back from South Dakota on Sunday, so I may devote myself to housecleaning and sprucing and save the sermon for after coffee when I may be just a tich calmer. There is of course also the sprucing of me....that alone could take all morning. Just deciding what to wear could take all morning! Or just which shoes for heaven sake!

I told a couple of my coworkers about the coffee thing. It was like the old Clairol commercial. She told two friends and she told two friends....pretty much the workplace knows! So much for keeping things quiet. The sweet receptionist is so excited she can barely contain herself! After a few jaws came off the floor most of them are giving high fives. A few have threatened to come out for coffee "accidentally" at two tomorrow. Pain of death I tell them! This is new for me, this sharing of my life with people. I told C she kind of got me started on daring to let people support me. She and this blog ring. I used to think you had to do it on your own. This really is much more fun. And better and easier when times are tough, too.

So off we go....brave new world, here I come. I know, I know, it's only coffee! But God is really paying attention!


Anonymous said...

WOW!! Very cool - don't forget your cell phone. And it's good that you're meeting in a neutral place. oh wait... that's what I tell my niece... wish i could stroll in to check it all out!!

EmJayDee said...

Hope that coffee is really good. And that the interview goes well. Your partnership with Rwanda is a great example to us all.

Diane said...

yes, very cool.

and also about your church, THAT's very cool, too.

will be waiting to see how everything goes.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Oh, very exciting. I'll be thinking of you.

And you know, I think God is bigger than theological constructs. He might very well be paying some extra attention to you these days.

more cows than people said...

ooh... all very cool... have FUN with all of it. they are all juicy gifts from God.

mompriest said...

kate, enjoy! Make sure you give the reporter a good story, if you have one, about your experiencce with MDG, the church, and Rwanda. They always like stories, and it will help frame the work you are doing. Think of it as giving the reporter an illustration and a short teaching sermon.

oh, and have fun with the coffee (date)....

Rev SS said...

Oh, Kate .. I'm just reading this .. can't wait to hear all about the coffee date! So glad to hear the good things God is doing for you, in addition to all the good things God has been doing through you!

God_Guurrlll said...

You go girl! Have fun tommorrow at coffee. Have an iced mocha frappeceno on me.

Peace, love and prayers ascending.