Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Pb

I just finished watching Bill Moyers interview with Presiding Bishop Katharine. As always when I see her, I was totally impressed. There is just something about the woman! Obviously bright, articulate, poised, of course. But more than that. She speaks from that deep calm center of faith that appears to be simply unshakeable.
One of the other priests on our team sent out the link (http://www.pbs.org/ moyers/journal/06082007/watch2.html) to our whole congregation. We've had a couple responses from our newcomers that have been very positive about her ability to articulate our present dilemmas as a church in ways that both helped them understand the situation better, and as one person said, "love this church even more." In many ways this is a hard time for us in the Episcopal church as we struggle so publicly with one another. And yet there are gifts in this church like Pb Katharine that give me hope that whatever happens, all will be well.

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