Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Yurt-Countdown and Update

Well it's six days and counting till yurt departure and apparently all is not well at the farm. Since it would be obvious when I arrived, my congregant thought I should have a heads-up. The interns have departed early and there were "tensions" connected to that. The sisters who own the farm are also caregivers of their very elderly parents who reside on the premises. There was a hundred year old building moved in for an educational center this summer that needed lots of work and a whole foundation dug, and apparently all did not go well on that front either. It's all a lot of stress. Not, she said, that I should not go. Just be aware that all may not be so serene in the land of yurt. Oh. Well, OK. The yurt will still be there. The silence (I hope) will still be there. And God in the silence (or not) will, for sure still be there.

But I was aware of a small tantrum brewing. Much as I hated to admit it. There was a small internal foot beginning to stomp. Why me? Why my yurt time? It took so long to finally find someplace to go! I'm using my LAST two precious vacation days! It's not fair! And then the Critical Parent (who always gets into the act when a tantrum brews) had to get her two cents in "Well whose fault is it anyway that it took you so long to get a place! If you had gotten on the stick earlier you could have been there and back before it blew up. And if you'd been paying attention to your vacation balance you wouldn't be in that mess! And who ever said life is fair anyway, Missy!" Whew! Got that all out of the way.

Truth be told, I am a bit disappointed. I was hoping for a little mix of community and alone time, hoping for a chance to meet these interns, college people of faith who would give a summer to such a place. But obviously, that is not the plan. God has another idea. Guess I'll see what it might be. Who knows, it may be just silence, or it may be something else entirely. That's the thing that keeps it all so interesting, this Spirit journey. You just never know!


Gannet Girl said...

Yes, there it is: that unexpected!

"PS" said...

Go! Be Present! Listen! Rest! Reflect! Renew!

mompriest said...

Oh my. This is just the sort of thing that would happen to me, including all the internal chatter. Sigh. So I hear you!

I do hope that in the grace of all things unexpected that this ends up being exactly what you need.

Katherine E. said...

You'll be in our prayers!

Barbara B. said...

Yep, it's a 'go with the flow' thing. Things have a way of working out! :)

RevDrKate said...

GG,Yes indeed it is and the Spirit is SO good at it!
PS, I hope to do just that.
MP, I do appreciate the empathy! Thanks for that and the hope as well.
Katherine thanks for the prayers.
I am hoping to go with that flow BB!