Monday, July 16, 2007

Running the Numbers

Six. The number of new members joyfully welcomed into our little church yesterday. The service was beautiful. The team was a bit nervous as this was our first "solo flight" with the Bishop since not having our seminary-trained mentor on board. But we had made our lists and checked them twice (with experts if necessary) and it all went off without a glitch. The new folks are a great group and we are so excited that they want to be part of us.

Twenty. Number of days until the yurt retreat. I got to talk to two people who have actually retreated there (new member and mom) and got even MORE excited.

Two and one quarter. Number of vacation hours I was informed that I was short in order to take said retreat. But bless my boss. After taking one look at me when she delivered the bad news, she told me I could use a bit of personal time to make up the deficit as it seemed to her that this was an event that met the personal time criteria "necessary for the employee to attend to and could not be otherwise scheduled."

Three. Number of weeks until I have been blogging long enough to officially join theRGBP blog ring.

Four. Number of History of Psychology texts it took before I found one I could stay awake to read.

Five. Number of weeks left to prepare the entire History of Psychology course based on that text.

More than one. Number of hours of sleep I missed over that fact last night.

Zero Number of nights free this week to work on the course prep. Uh,oh.


Diane said...

Love this. running the numbers! very creative! but uh,oh, indeed on the zero.
and... I didn't know there was a required number of weeks you had to be blogging before joining the webring. uhoh.

Katherine E. said...

Ditto Diane's comment. I was going to say how creative your writing is. Enjoyed reading this!

mompriest said...

Oh my. Glad you finally found a text book...somehow I'm sure you will be able to get the class ready to teach before you have to teach it...

I joined RevGals just before they added the three month blogging requirement. When I joined they had an addendum that said something like, blogs that haven't posted in a month (or something like that) will be they've gone the other direction, which makes good sense to me.

Good list! Good idea!

RevDrKate said...

Thanks to you both. Well the RGBP "rules" say you must be an active blogger for three months...I guess those trips to the confessional did something, I am nothing if not a rule-follower. So I"ve been a'waitin. And I do that "zero" thing a bit too often I'm afraid....too much world, too little time!

Jan said...

Well, it makes me feel a lot better that a number of you are waiting to join the RGPB webring. I've wondered if I could, but figure I've only been blogging since the end of May, plus I'm not ordained and never will be--but am a friend of one RGPB--and maybe now more than one of them!

The yurt awaits. . . it will be wonderful to imagine you there AND to hear about it on your return!

Diane said...

I'm sure you don't have to be ordained to join, Jan. I'll be I got in just before the 3 month rule too. And as you can tell, so far there's no danger of me not posting anything for a month.

RevDrKate said...

Well I am glad you all post! I am so grateful for the sense of community, connection and friendship I find here with you all. And Jan, it's for "and friends" and that is YOU for sure!