Sunday, July 01, 2007

Meme -- Four Things

Something in me that cannot resist a meme apparently. Saw this one with an open invitation to play over at Mompriest's and it looked like fun on a hot sunny Sunday afternoon. So let's see now...
Four Jobs I've Had: Cashier in a Drug Store (first job), Bill Collector (blech), Hardware Store Manager, Customer Service Rep for the student loan folks....blasts from the past, long past, all!

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over: Ummm....I don't think there are any, not for a long time....I used to watch the Sound of Music annually but not so much any more...I seem to be losing my attenton span.....

Four Places I've Lived: Dubuque, IA, Reston VA, Silver Spring, MD, St. Paul, MN.

Four Places I've Vacationed: Puerto Morelos, Mexico. Seattle, Boston, The Badlands

Four of my favorite dishes: Lasagna, Pad Thai, Green Chicken Curry, Chicken Mole

Four Sites I Visit Daily: RevGals, Episcopal News, my bank, my various e-mails and blog

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now: All in all where I am is not bad. Sunday afternoon and all the doings done. Lawn chair, good temp, nice breeze, cold drink, doggies lolling....but ok, for the sake of it, anywhere on vacation would be good, I'd like to be in the Badlands, or back in the Black Hills again, or out in Boston, it's been some years, or hanging with my friend Sue on the farm in WI would be good too.

I'm going to just tag birdele over at Splashes of Color so she will blog again for heaven's sake.


mompriest said...

Oh, yes. Pad Thai and Green Chicken Curry...divine.

I've always wanted to go the Badland, but despite the fact that I have driven from Illinois to Utah I choose to go straight through Iowa and Nebraska (yawn). I really need to plan a trip and take a new route.

fun play!

Jan said...

Pad Thai and I'd like to try Green Chicken Curry! How nice to be glad you're where you are. I'm glad as long as I'm in an air conditioned house.

Also, I hope you'll get birdele to write again!!

RevDrKate said...

Oh yeah Mompriest, seriously! Iowa AND Nebraska....penance indeed! The Badlands are SO amazing...very spiritual, very thin places for me. Jan, she did it! Birdele blogged a meme. Kinda like Horton hears a Hoo!

Diane said...

great play... I love pad thai too. Also the badlands & the black hills