Thursday, November 13, 2008

Paying Attention in November-Back to the Future WW Version

Well as of this morning, as a lifetime member of Weight Watchers, I could return to meetings for free, as I have once again reached my "goal weight." Not that I necessarily want to go there at this point, but it just kind of struck me as interesting, the way things kind of come around and go around in life.

In the three years or so prior to my move across the state I was a faithful WW member and had lost a whopping 132 pounds. I had a great group and a wonderful leader, and the support I found in that program was a great part of my success. I had maintained my loss for about six months prior to my move, and kind of thought I was "over the hurdle" when I moved out here. I was wrong. The group here was very different. The leader somehow could not understand why I wanted to come every week. She seemed to have the attitude that since I wasn't paying (as a "Lifetime" member I got to come free) I was simply taking up valuable chair space, and that there should be no reason for me to "need" to be there. She made it clear that she did not want to hear my opinions about things...she was the leader and no newcomer upstart should be offering tips or suggestions to her meeting. So needless to say after a couple months of this warm and loving treatment, I stopped going. Now I am not blaming her for my weight gain. But anyone who has been in this struggle knows that accountability is important. And I had lost mine. And then we factor in a new place, loneliness and isolation and the fact that I was an emotional eater...a recipe for extra pounds! I was managing to hold the line for a while through getting a lot of exercise until I was thrown off a horse at my riding lessons. Unable to sit on my posterior even for yoga for several months....they started creeping back, and by the time I had been here four years, half those pounds had found me again. As of today they are gone. Ever since my ordination two years ago I have been losing weight. It's partly desire and effort and partly the "side effect" of a medication that has suppressed my appetite, which I do not complain about, believe me! And I have to admit, lately, it's been a lot about stress as well. The girl who used to eat when upset is now a person who can't eat when upset. Who knew this could happen!

So in honor of this return at long last to the WW magic number, yesterday I went to the local clothing store where there was a 50% off sale and had me a little retail therapy, purchasing a flirty little top for future date nights (hope springs eternal), a sweater and pants, all in a size that is six down from the one I was ordained in a little more than two years ago! When I started this process the first time I did not have a number in mind. The program gave me one. I don't have one this time either, and I'm not saying I am "done" now. I started out with the idea that I would "just try it and be curious about the results" then and it worked and I have been that way this time and plan to continue with that plan as it seems to be working so far. I do like my new clothes though....especially that top. Now if I just had someplace to wear it.


Mary Beth said...

You go girl! that is inspiring to me!

Sorry about the unwelcoming WW leader. As a 3x lifetime member, I so believe that continuing to go to meetings is critical to continued maintenance!
which is why I have 20 extra lbs now... :(

Cecilia said...

RevDrKate, congratulations! I am 86.5 lbs down from my starting weight (in april; I'm 95 lbs down from my top weight, at which I was ordained). Enjoy the clothing, and GO TO THE MEETINGS IF YOU WANT! Be forceful wtih that woman, show her the fine print... sheesh! She should be reported to the WW powers that be.

Congratulations! Enjoy your new freedom!

Pax. C

mompriest said...

that is very inspiring, despite the unwelcome welcome...yay you! Hope you get to were that blouse soon, and for some FUN!!!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Congratulations on your accomplishment. I hope you get to wear your top too.

Rev SS said...

Yay! Congrats! and may you have occasion to wear that new top soon!