Saturday, November 01, 2008

A New Month

So somehow it got to be a new month. C asked me today what I was planning to do for November. I told her I was planning to avoid being hit by any more falling shoes, though I knew she was talking about the blog. Was I going to keep doing a daily post? Looking for God? Daily gratitudes like last year? Truthfully, I don't know. I don't feel a commitment in me at this point to anything, and yet I know that now more than ever spiritual discipline is vital to the health of my soul. I am treading spiritual water here and it would not be very hard some days to simply stop and let myself be sucked into the vortex that wants to claim me. I know I cannot let that happen and it would seem that being accountable by writing something daily in this interactive compassionate witness space would make the most sense as a hedge against that. The question is...what? Something as in anything, or something specific? Perhaps I should just keep on keeping on looking for seems, after all to be working so far to hold me up in the darkness that is now. Any input will be gratefully received.


Gannet Girl said...

Anything at all you write I will read and consider to be for me as well as for you. A new quarter at seminary starts in four weeks and I am therefore embarking on the discernment process: Too soon? Or will it forever be too soon? So whatever you choose for the month of November, I will add it to my own process.

Ivy said...

I too echo gannet girl's sentiments. I have been writing little in mine because my first semester of seminary, including teaching parish, leaves me little time. I think it is a real spiritual discipline, however, and you have challenged me to make time for that. Thank you.

Katherine E. said...

Yes, your writing is always a blessing to me.