Monday, November 17, 2008

Paying Attention in November-Gratitude

This time last year I was spending a whole month just being grateful. Every day I was finding things to be thankful for, and it changed my life. This year that would be a much bigger challenge as life is a little pinchier, a little closer to the bone than it was 365 days ago. And yet...if I look just a little, I can surely find things to be grateful for now as well. Indeed in some ways that is part of what makes this thing so very painful--the fact that I love my life here so very much and do not want it to change or end. But today I have been thinking about the things I am thankful for, kind of having my own private Thanksgiving, a little early.

So I am officially grateful for:

  • My wonderful boss who has had my back in all that has been happening, who asks how I am doing in all of this and who tonight took me along to a local event, just because she thought I might need a little outing with the girls
  • Her boss who similarly has made a point of telling me of her support and belief in me
  • All of the love and support and prayers of my fabulous friends IRL and in blogland who have called and e-mailed, commented and hugged, left blogstones, spent time, left notes, provided perspective, made me laugh again and just generally let me know that you all are here and I am not alone with this stupid pile of shoes. You are all God's gifts to me
  • L's safe return to the world
  • My congregation who has just rolled with me for the last nine months and seem to just accept me
  • Date nights
  • Smaller clothes
  • People who watch my back just because we are all in this place together and they care
  • My courageous clients who manage to go on in the face of odds that would simply knock me over, and who teach me the greatest life lessons every day.
  • Yoga (and the return of the daily practice)
  • Books
  • Paint and my new found courage to play with it
  • For the fact that this Sunday I finally get to celebrate the Eucharist again....six weeks has been way too long.
  • That I have not despaired and, despite fear, my faith heart has continued to prevail in leading me back to my Wing where I find my safety in the surety that indeed God has my life.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it is for today what comes to mind. Thanks be to God.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Yes, thanks be to God.

Rev SS said...

Great list ... thanks be to God, Amen!

Anonymous said...

thanks be to god indeed kate!!

imngrace said...

I am thankful for you.


mompriest said...

Finding gratitude...meeting you in the blog world is one that I am grateful for....

Kate said...

So I read about you being buried under a pile of shoes...and then I read this over at Eileen's and it comes to me: This is what all those shoes are for!

Katherine E. said...

You are a gift to us all here in blogland, Kate.

Speaking of giving thanks, here's a quote from Joyce Rupp (Circle of Life) I ran across today:

"Thanksgiving is a time to look beneath our external lives for the unwavering love, the ceaseless peace, and the enduring stength that lie in the deep waters of our soul. The more we trust the 'unknowable depths' of our existence, the more the power of gratitude becomes a song we daily sing."

Sarah S-D said...

Yes, thanks be to God!