Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Paying Attention...Quest for Fun Edition

6:00 p.m. In fifteen minutes I have a coffee date. Details to follow.....................

Later....the details. OK. It was I'd say about an 8.5 on the first date scale. He is nice, pleasant and polite. We talked work, politics, families and a little bit of below the surface stuff about ethics. We laughed a little. It was....comfortable. I will say this....there are certain advantages to having a job where I meet and talk to people all day long. It kind of makes dating a piece of cake, I just sort of fall into that mode and off we go! I also didn't feel very much like impressing anybody tonight....probably not a bad mindset for a first date either, all in all.

I was home about ten minutes and he called and wanted to know if I was free for lunch tomorrow. Uh-oh.

What is really just all too funny about this....Saturday night I went to a fundraiser with a friend. it was a dinner dance and I had no date to dance with. I left feeling pretty sorry for myself and was grumbling to God about it. I don't usually pray for specifics in my prayer life, but this time I did. I asked directly if I could please just have a date, and soon! God could I think be having a good laugh right now. Be careful what you ask for!


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I'm not assuming anything will come of your dates, but don't knock comfortable. It's not an unimportant quality, and you never know what might grow. When I first met Michael, I was comfortable with him, but I thought he was boring and too nice. I even once wrote in my journal that if I ever got involved with him, I'd probably marry him to avoid hurting his feelings and "ruin my life."

Eighteen years of marriage, and I'm still waiting for the ruin to fall around me. God does like a good laugh.

karlajean said...

exciting and fun. And yes, I do believe God is chuckling!