Thursday, November 01, 2007

Maggie the Peke's Interview

Maggie has been interviewed by Tipper the Dog whose mom is Gannet Girl at Search the Sea. Maggie enjoyed this experience immensely and would be happy to interview all comers if you follow the instructions as printed at the end of her interview. Thanks for the great questions Tipper. I think there might be a future for you in journalism!

Tipper: Pekes are very small, aren't they? How do you get along with Big Dogs?
Maggie: Well, size is a relative thing. Compared to my chihuahua friend Wheezer I am not so small, but next to Herbie the lab, I guess I am. I wear a medium in most things, my weight is about 13#. I am pretty short, though kind of longish. I really like all sorts of dogs, and I take others as they are and hope they do the same with me. When I was younger my Kate took me to school and it was almost all big dogs. Some of them had Very Bad Manners and one tried to eat me after he sat on me! I thought this was very poor form, but I have not held this against all of his kind. We have frequent guests at our house, both dog and cat, and I find I can relate well with all of them if we establish some basic ground rules of respect like, “don’t bite me and don’t scratch me (in the case of cats) and I will do the same with you and all will be well with us.”
Tipper: How did you find yourself in Kate's household?
Maggie: One fine morning when I was still very small I was playing with my brother Schreck and my mom and dad. (My name was still Fiona then, we were named after the movie by the kids at our birth home). These two ladies came over to the pen and one of them picked me up and held me close to her. My birth mom’s person talked to her about me, including explaining that even though I am a Pekinese, I was born without the kind of tail we usually have. Mine is short and doesn’t have much hair. She told this lady that was holding me that another lady was going to adopt me until she saw my tail and then she changed her mind because I was “deformed.” This nice lady (who of course turned out to be Kate) got really mad about that and said, “Well, if I didn’t already want this puppy, now I REALLY want her!” And the next thing I knew, I was saying goodbye to mom and dad and Schreck and moving in to my new house, getting used to living with CATS, and that’s how I started my life with Kate.
Tipper: Kate is a psychologist AND a priest. What are your callings?
Maggie: I believe I am called to the contemplative life. I meditate a lot. Kate has been known to wonder if they “forgot my batteries” whatever that means. I also walk in two worlds. My main companions are feline and I have found ways to live comfortably with them by emulating their lifestyle of napping frequently, laying low, and nibbling often. I am also of course Kate’s confidant as I completely understand her need to say things to someone that can go nowhere!
Tipper: How do you like to start and end your days?
Maggie: Horizontally on something soft. Preferably on the pillow next to Kate when we say our morning and evening prayers together. I like morning prayer best as it is followed by breakfast!
Tipper: And always the most important question for canines: what is your favorite treat
Maggie: As a single dog in a house of cats I have learned that cat food has its joys! In fact I have had to endure some rather serious behavioral consequences as a result of sneaking off to eat a whole bowl of cat food now and again. I really try not to….but it just calls to me! I pray for strength to be a better dog in this area! It really is my only big fault.
RevGalDogPals or CatPals (or anyone at all two-legged or four) would you like to be interviewed by Maggie? If so, here are the rules:
1. If you are interested in being interviewed, leave a comment here on my mom's blog saying, 'interview me.'
2. I will respond by posting five questions for you. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with a post with your answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.


Diane said...

Maggie it is a pleasure getting to know you!

All these dog interviews! It boggles!

I too like to end the day reclining on something soft (and so does Scout, even though she is an active dog)

Gannet Girl said...

Maggie, thank you!

I wish I still had my cats, although they completely ignored me except for an occasional swat at my nose.

Your friend,
Tipper the Dog

Mother Laura said...

Maggie, you are such a prayerful companion to RevDrKate--and inspire me with your faithfulness and contemplative attitude (and honesty about your spiritual challenge :-) ). I think the two of you must have a lot in common.

Do I understand that you are willing to interview humans too? (I had pets as a child but we can't have furry friends in our house because of allergies in my DH and DS). If so, please count me in.

Rowan The Dog said...

Well, I would really love to be interviewed by a swell dog like you. I got interviewed by Scout's guardian once but she is a human. This will be my first time to be interviewed by another dog. Just woof those questions to me on my blog, or email my guardian/assistant at lmcmillan9 at austin dot rr dot com.



Kate said...

Kate's Chocolate here...I'd like to be interviewed! Momma gets to do all the talking and I never get a chance at the computer. It's really not fair.

Momma says you should know something about me first, so here's a story she told about me once.

Thank you Maggie! I guess you're okay, for a dog.

Mother Laura said...

Finally did my interview, Maggie! Check it out at my place.

Grendel said...


I Did It. The Interview!!! Thank you. I had Fun.....